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Oskar Blues Opening Brewery in North Carolina


Oskar Blues Gubna

It started with the number two largest craft brewery in America, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., announcing they were opening up shop in North Carolina. Not long after, New Belgium Brewing Co., the third largest craft brewery in America would announce they too would be opening up a second brewery in the same area. And today, Longmont Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery, the twenty-ninth largest craft brewery has just announced plans for a second North Carolina based brewery.

Today’s press release read:

Oskar Blues, one of the fastest growing breweries in the country, sells over 35 percent of their beer east of the big muddy river, making for a great opportunity to look into a local location in that area. They have secured a contract on a 30,000 square foot brewery space along with a 6,000 square foot restaurant/music venue location in downtown Brevard. “We’ve looked at the options of growing our Colorado based brewing to the next level and the thought the idea of opening another small, intimate restaurant and brewery on a grassroots level sounds like a lot more fun.” says Dale. “With that much beer traveling east of the Mississippi it allows us to invest in another small town that shares our passions and recoup the investment as we contribute to the community and streamline our shipping costs amongst other things.”

Why the draw to the Asheville area of North Carolina? For these three breweries, I can definitely see a resemblance of their home bases of Colorado and Northern California in their new locations. I have also heard of reasons of great water and a great community, locality to railroads and highways, and economic growth incentives from the State, among other things.

Either way, they will all be in very much good company and contribute to the growing craft beer community of the greater Asheville area, making it one of America’s premier craft brewing destinations.


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