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Mutineer Magazine Marvelous Millennial Wine Circus Next Stop: Paso Robles


Paso Robles AVA

Paso Robles AVA. Red pins indicate wineries.

Paso Robles is where you go for punch you in the face, no holds-barred, swift kick in the cohones wines. This is Zinfandel country with some wineries rocking 60+ year old vines. The wines are big, fat, juicy, jammy wines that pack one of the biggest bangs for their buck in California. What started out as a one-trick pony, with the key grape being Zinfandel, in the 1990s expanded and grew when the French wine powerhouse Château de Beaucastel dropped their US branch, Tablas Creek Vineyard, right in the heart of Paso.

They brought with them winemaking techniques but also grape vine clippings from primo Châteauneuf-du-Pape soil. Eager to make friends the new neighbors shared their French grapes and helped turn Paso Robles from a few dedicated winemakers with a dream into a world class wine region.

The wineries you shouldn’t miss are Chronic Cellars, Tablas Creek, JUSTIN, Cypher Winery (with their epic wood fired pizzas at Farmstand 46), the OG Peach Canyon, hit up Hope Family Wines and don’t miss the downtown wine scene including Clayhouse Wine. Of course you wouldn’t want to miss Eos Estate Winery where we’re hosting the circus.

Whether you live in LA or San Francisco or even New York, if you’re not hitting up Paso Robles, you’re missing out on wine. As a member of the Millennial Wine Circus I’m excited and proud to be hitting speaking to such a talented group of winemakers. Now let’s drink some Zin!

This post was created by Tyler Balliet, Founder and President of Second Glass, and speaker on the Mutineer Magazine Marvelous Millennial Wine Circus.


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