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Mutineer Magazine Issue 23 Preview


Issue 23

This much we know: There’s never been a more exciting time to be a passenger on the whimsical train that is the modern fine beverage experience. We’ve undone the damage of prohibition and then some, and we know fine beverage culture not only is evolving on a linear two-dimensional path into the future, but into a third-dimension of depth and inspiration.

The evolution of LGBT culture within fine beverage culture is a spectacular example of this. It’s a vibrant scene that we are humbled and proud to share with you in this glorious new issue of Mutineer.

The May/June 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Mutineer Interview Special Edition: LGBT Pride in Wine Country

Mutineer celebrates LGBT Pride in the fine beverage world aboard the Napa Valley’s Big Gay Train.

Rediscovering Madeira: The Island Vineyard

Spirits writer Lance Mayhew travels to the lost islands of Madeira to rediscover some spectacular nearly forgotten wines.

Joining the Family Business

In honor of Mother’s and Father’s Day, Mutineer takes an intimate look at beverage producers where sons and daughters and mothers and fathers work together to carry on their family legacy.

Hungry Mutineer: Shrubs

Shrubs have been the subject of much curiosity at Mutineer Central ever since we discovered the drinking vinegars put out by the popular restaurant Pok Pok Som in Portland. Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky shows you how to make your very own.

DIY: Boozy Salts

Salt + Fine Beverage = Boozy Salts. Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky shows you the ropes of how to infuse your own salts with your favorite beverages at home.

What People Drink: Judd’s Hill Winery’s Judd Finkelstein
What People Drink: Cantina’s Duggan McDonnell
Beer Styles: Flemish Red Ale
Classic Cocktails: The Bijou Cocktail
+++ Soda Jerk: Kvass, Tri-Milk Cheeses, Drink Night Cocktails, Mutineer Library: Amber, Gold & Black and much, much, more…


  1. Pia Popilin | Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    I love Mutineer!

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