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Freaker USA: Making YOU & Fine Beverage Cooler!

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Gotta get ya FREAKER SAMPLES! from freakerusa on Vimeo

Freakers are a simple enough product. Each is an ultra stretchy beverage coozy that will easily cover your favorite beer bottle, that magnum of Châteauneuf-du-Pape you’ve been saving, or even your daily 40 oz to freedom. Freakers come in all manner of colorful patterns and are brought to you by an illustrious crew of creatives; designers, internet-gurus and filmmakers.

What might first appear as a goofy kickstarter company that makes little beverage products, is the display of an authentic albeit bizarre modern retelling of the American Dream. Like all successful brands, FreakerUSA isn’t just selling a product, they’re giving you an official invitation to take part in a new lifestyle and theirs is chock full of freaky delights. It seems they have found a way, without the use of VooDoo mind you, to infuse life into a fine beverage sweater.

Find it hard to believe? Take a closer look and discover how they send hand written notes to their customers and organize grilled cheese parties across the country as part of their marketing efforts. They weave the Freaker so artfully and seamlessly in and out of everything they do, that it’s hard to see the lines between the product, the life and the profile of Freaker-culture.

Blah Blah freaker. Blah Blah fits. Blah blah anything.


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