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Cease and Desist Letters Can Be Fun – Freetail Brewing Co. and Hopasaurus Rex


Nobody likes it when craft breweries attack other craft breweries. Most of the time, a simple phone call to the other brewery would resolve whatever minor issue there was. We saw this with Russian River Brewing and Avery Brewing who both had a beer called Salvation. Instead of fighting it, they embraced it and blended the two Salvations together and Collaboration Not Litigation Ale was born. But other times, as was the case with Lost Abbey suing Moylan’s Brewery over the use of similar (and trademarked) tap handles, it goes a different route and ends up in a lawsuit.

Today, another situation came to light. This time involving Freetail Brewing from San Antonio, Texas and a redacted brewery. If you look hard enough in the blacked out text under the date, it’s a brewery from Eugene, Oregon and if I had to guess I’d say it’s probably Steelhead Brewing. The situation involved the use of a trademarked name, Hoposaurus Rex, for a beer which the redacted brewery is accusing Freetail of using.

Below, find the pure winning response of Freetail Brewing.

Freetail Brewing

Freetail Brewing

That is awesome.


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