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#WineWednesday: What’s Shaking in the Wine World


What’s been going on in the wine world lately? Here’s a small collection of some articles worth checking out.

WineKrauthamer uses physics to shoot wine bottles
What do physics and wine bottle photography have in common? According to local entrepreneur Collin Krauthamer, everything.

Wine sales robust in 2011, may drop more in 2012
It was a good year for fine wine in 2011 with auction houses reporting solid sales but the bubble has burst in the Bordeaux market and prices are expected to fall further in 2012.

Prevention: Beer and Martinis: As Healthy as Wine?
Many studies have found an association between the moderate consumption of alcohol and increased longevity, and some have found evidence that wine has a more beneficial effect than other alcoholic drinks.

Israel grows as winemaker
For centuries Israeli wine was reserved for religious ceremony, and the less of it one had to drink, the better. But over the past decade or two, the country been producing some very good wines for consumers — wine to drink with food for earthly pleasure, not just the glory of God.

Critics hope private parliament bill will sink antiquated inter-provincial wine rules in 2012
Broadcaster Terry David Mulligan drove 10 bottles of wine across the B.C./Alberta border in a symbolic act against a law that prohibits the transportation of liquor across provincial borders for resale purposes. He wasn’t arrested. Critics of the law say it punishes small boutique winneries and they hope it will be repealed in 2012.

Wine region remains unprotected
Fresh calls for the Margaret River Region (Australia) to be protected by special legislation have been sparked by Environment Minister Bill Marmion’s Christmas present decision on the Vasse Coal Project.

Seven Winemakers to Watch in 2012
What do a war veteran, a tax consultant and a Kiwi have in common? (No this isn’t a bad joke.) They are some of the best winemakers in California right now. Some of these folks were everywhere this year. And some we hope to see a lot more of in 2012. Without further ado, seven winemakers we think are cool, interesting and really good at what they do—in no particular order.


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