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Mutineer Holiday Cocktail Competition: The King’s Waes Hail Cocktail At Solbar


The King's Waes Hail Cocktail

From Thrillist:
This master creation from an award-winning Napa mixologist takes two weeks to make (yawn), and combines apple brandy, The King’s Ginger, lemon juice, sweet vermouth, egg white, grenadine, maraschino, Genever-style gin, an apple crisp garnish, and five drops of a gingersnap spice tincture that needs to spend 14 days being shaken in a jar with 151 and mixed spice, at which point it emerges ready to murder anyone who plays “Wannabe” ever again.

This cocktail, created by lead bartender Michael Jack Pazdon of Napa Valley’s Solbar at Solage in Calistoga was the winning cocktail of Mutineer Magazine’s The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition held November 6th. For those that missed this incredible event, learn how to make it yourself or take a trip up to Michelin-starred Solbar and have it be made by the master himself.

Be sure to check out Issue 22 of Mutineer Magazine for a full recap of The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition.


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