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Pleasant Grove, Utah Rejects Ordinance Banning Sunday Beer Sales


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This story is pretty simple and starts with a small town in Utah. Pleasant Grove, which is predominately Mormon, recently had an ordinance on the table that would ban Sunday beer sales. Thankfully for the townspeople and non-Mormons, it was rejected by a 4-1 vote by the city council as some of the council members felt that while Pleasant Grove may be mostly Mormon, the city should not impose the majority’s religious views on the minority through legislation. This leads me to Councilman Jeffrey Wilson, the one man wolf pack and the only council member to have voted in favor of the city ordinance. His reaction to the vote? “What’s next? Are we going to legalize marijuana?” Oh Jeffrey, that cracks me up every time I read that and that’s EXACTLY what will happen, because allowing beer to be sold on Sundays is basically like legalizing marijuana.

Cedar Hills, just four miles away, tried limiting beer sold in their town several years back as well by attempting to block a grocery store from being built that would carry beer. They also pushed another ordinance that would require businesses to close on Sundays in observance of Sabbath. Both failed miserably.

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