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New Ohio legislation to allow beer tasting rooms


Beers from Stone's Sour Fest

State lawmakers in Ohio have recently approved a measure that will allow production breweries to offer tastings and sell beers by the glass in their tasting room, much like is done at wineries. The new law will take effect in March.

If breweries wish to hold tastings before then, they are required to get a second permit which costs an additional $3,906 above their manufacturing license. In contrast, wineries pay $76 per year for their annual license and they aren’t required to pay for a second permit for a tasting room.

The tasting room issue was an amendment to a bill focused on micro-distilleries. Under the new law, the state will allow the opening of more micro-distilleries, of which there are currently only three, as long as they produce under 10,000 gallons per year.


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