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Man Ate Frozen Beer to Survive


Beer Popsicles by Sarah Rae Trover

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

An Alaska man has recently found himself in the news after crashing his truck into a snowbank and getting stuck for three days. He had no food and he had no water, but he had a fleece sleeping bag liner to keep him warm at night with temperatures that dipped as low as -18.4 degrees F. He also had a few cans of Coors Light in the cab of his truck. Why they were there, who knows, but they were frozen and to survive he cut the lids off and ate the frozen solid beer with a knife.

Three days later, his boss realized something was wrong and contacted emergency crews who soon found him.

At only 102 calories per Coors Light, his survival kit should carry some bigger beers like Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, which weigh in at a lofty 330 calorie per 12 ounces and should keep him warm on those cold Alaska nights.


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