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How to Saber a Bottle of Champagne – Just In Time For NYE


Seniors Drinking Champagne

Image by © Darius Ramazani/zefa/Corbis

For those of you that have wanted to learn how to saber a bottle of bubbly, here’s your chance to learn from Small Screen Network’s Jamie Boudreau. It couldn’t be easier, but there are a few important steps you must take.

First, of course, is safety. Make sure the bottle isn’t pointed at anybody and that you don’t swing wildly with a knife and cut the person you’re supposed to be kissing at midnight.

Next, make sure the bottle is well-chilled, especially the neck. This will make the process easier and reduce the amount of spillage.

Lastly, if this is your first time, try it outside first or have some towels ready.

For weapon of choice, the back edge of a sturdy knife works well.

Jamie also recently opened a cocktail bar in Seattle called Canon and we can say without a doubt that it is most definitely Mutineer Approved.



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