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The Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners Sneak Preview


The Discovery Channel will debut Moonshiners this December, an all new series with a real life look at the moonshining men of Appalachia. Discovery says the show “tells the story of those who brew their shine – whether in the woods behind their house using camouflaged equipment or legally in their garages for local distribution – and the local authorities who try to keep them honest. The series show what life is like in the Appalachian Mountain region, a close-knit society where survival depends on resourcefulness and endurance. From hunting bear and raccoon to catching frogs and catfish, theirs is a world forgotten by modern conveniences.”

To me, it looks and sounds like they took the cast of Discovery’s Sons of Guns, put them in overalls and threw them in the mountains in Appalachia. We’ll see. Stay tuned this December.


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