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THANK YOU Mutineer Clean Water Crusaders & Other Water Relief Supporters

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Mutineer Alan Kropf in Nepal - Clean Water Crusader

A brilliantly colorful swarm of enthusiastic students at Padmodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is enjoying clean drinking and hand washing water through the efforts of Mutineer Magazine and A Child’s Right. Forget water, this has all the makings of a kool-aid party of the highest order.

I first became interested in the topic of water relief in late 2009 and was introduced to Eric Stowe, Executive Director of A Child’s Right. After spending years chasing the dragon that is fine beverage culture, it had never dawned on me that water relief was such an important part of the story we were trying to tell. Access to water is fine beverage in its most basic form and the foundation of every living thing on this planet; it blows my mind every time I try and fully grasp the concept.

After feeling this overwhelming connection, Mutineer made the commitment to work with A Child’s Right to educate others about water relief, which began with a feature story in the May 2009 issue, followed by our 2nd Annual Red Carpet Tasting. Mutineer readers respond- ed with interest, so we created a water relief column with Eric Stowe and we began fundraising by developing a beer with New Holland Brewing Co. to premiere at the Great American Beer Festival and benefit A Child’s Right.

Our interest in water relief evolved into a passion for water relief, and with the support of the beverage industry we set out to raise funds to install five water filtration systems for children in urban areas in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Clean Water Crusader campaign was launched, and throughout the glorious new issue of Mutineer Magazine we recognize those who stepped up and rallied around this thirsty cause with Clean Water Crusader “tags” throughout the issue. One individual in particular, John Jordan of Jordan Vineyard & Winery, stepped up to support us in spectacular fashion, setting the stage for the Mutineer Comedy Festival and Blue Carpet Dinner, and as such the Jordan Clean Water Crusader tag is leading the charge.

We are happy to report that all five systems have been installed, and would like to recognize the many companies, organizations and individuals that have supported and continue to support Mutineer Magazine’s water relief efforts. Clean water crusader tags will be Twittered and Facebooked over the next few days, be on the lookout and pass it along!

Mutineer Clean Water Crusaders:
Jordan Vineyard & Winery
St. Supery Vineyards & Winery
No.3 London Dry Gin
The King’s Ginger
Don Roberto Tequila
Jacuzzi Family Vineyards
Rosa d’Oro Vineyards
Charles Smith Wines
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Bonny Doon Vineyard
Frog’s Leap Winery
Bard’s Tale Beer Co.
Hornsby’s Hard Cider
Falling Rock Taphouse
New Holland Brewing Co.
Cellar Angels
King Estate
Wente Vineyards
Flasq Wines
New York International Spirits Competition
Pink Out
Celebrity Wine Review TV
Wine Biz Radio
Naked Winery
Six Sigma Ranch
Hip Tastes Events
Lagunitas Brewing Co.

THANK YOU to everyone that partied with us at the Mutineer Blue Carpet Carpet Dinner for Water Relief at Jordan Vineyard & Winery.
THANK YOU to everyone that laughed with us at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival for Water Relief at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards.
THANK YOU to John Jordan for Bruce Wayne-ing the hell out of this project
THANK YOU to the entire Jordan Vineyard & Winery staff, you are all so ridiculously talented it’s scary: Lisa, Laura, Nitsa, Todd, Pete and the rest of the crew.
THANK YOU to the comedians who performed at the festival: Ben Morrison,
THANK YOU to Ben Morrison for helping us dream up the festival over too much tequila.
THANK YOU to the Official Bloggers of the festival for helping us get the word out: Brookston Beer Bulletin, Swirl Smell Slurp, Vinopanion, Vintuba, WineBlog.org, W. R. Tish, Suburban Wino
THANK YOU Fred and Nancy Cline for opening up your estate and throwing one mean after-party.
THANK YOU Chris Merino for being such an awesome collaborator.
THANK YOU Mike Freidrich for your relentless support and enthusiasm.
THANK YOU Henry Preiss for sending us the good stuff for our rare spirits charity auction.
THANK YOU Rebekah Polster for being awesome.
THANK YOU to the Hall Family at Longmeadow Ranch for housing the Mutineer Team during the fundraiser events.
THANK YOU to the food trucks that fed the hungry attendees at the comedy festival.
THANK YOU Anderson Group Public Relations for not being afraid of getting your hands dirty helping out with our water projects.
THANK YOU Laugh Factory Hollywood for hosting our charity show.
THANK YOU Wolf for sidekick support and the glowing M in the sky.
THANK YOU CellarPass for steadfast support though all of our water relief endeavors.
THANK YOU Charles Smith for making the trip down to party with us in the name of water relief.
THANK YOU Matt Hughes for attending like a stud.
THANK YOU Amarula Cream for being the presenting sponsor at last year’s Red Carpet Party, which in a lot of ways is where this journey began.
THANK YOU Zane Lamprey for bringing exposure and beautiful women to our fundraisers.
THANK YOU Barrie Lynn & the Cheesettes for the awesome pairings.
THANK YOU Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker and Brewer’s Association for buying some fundraiser tickets so some lucky, cash-strapped Mutineer readers could attend.
THANK YOU to all of our event volunteers, of which there are far too many to name, for helping bring our fundraiser projects to life.
THANK YOU Martin Cody for creating an entirely new way to raise money for water relief.
THANK YOU New Holland Brewing Co., Brian Kropf and Ashley Routson for creating such an awesome beer to benefit the cause.
THANK YOU Courtney Cochran for your visions of blue carpet.
THANK YOU JJ Bagley for your hard work.
THANK YOU Ashley Nicole Teplin for bringing your ninja skills.
THANK YOU Hunter Lea for adding a soundtrack to our water relief awareness building.
THANK YOU Classic Party Rentals Napa and ATL Lighting for making us look good.
THANK YOU Dry Soda & BLK Water for keeping our event guests hydrated.
THANK YOU David King & Rusti Porter for setting the stage for a grand finale to this project.
THANK YOU Sasha Kadey for inspiring me through action.
THANK YOU Lesley Russel & Emma Swain for joining the cause.
THANK YOU Julie Dalrymple for having us.
THANK YOU Rachael Poer for helping us bring the grand finale.
THANK YOU Red Bulls Girls that drove the Red Bull Car to our Hollywood fundraiser. You made Jeff’s year.

THANK YOU to everyone at A Child’s Right. Keep fighting the good fight: Bill Brockhaus, Peter Drury, Michael Harris, Stephen Jones, Amelia Lyons, Wei Baojun, Kith Rathamony, Million Biyaylign, Norea Hoeft, Boone Sommerfeld, Leslie Hardy, Rebecca Field, Vijay Talwar, Ryan Gledhill and Karen Nilson. Special thanks to Prakash Sharma for being in the Nepal know, Aaron Walling for representing, and Eric Stowe for not only opening up my eyes to the world of water relief, but giving Mutineer and myself the opportunity to help.

BIG THANK YOU to the entire Mutineer Team for staying the course and being ambitious about helping others. You all impress the hell out of me: Jeff Dorenbush, Brian Kropf, Julie Hadjinian, Chris D’amico, Ian Andreae, Phil Jimcosky, with extra thanks to Erin Jimcosky for being an outstanding field general leading the Mutineer troops through the holiday comedy fundraiser projects.


  1. Pradip Shrestha | Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Thank you Mutineer for providing service to clean drinking water to needy students in different schools in Kathmandu valley in Nepal

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