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A Child’s Right: ProvingIt.org

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A Child's Right Proving It

The ProvingIt.org page for Koteshor School in Kathmandu, Nepal, which was one of five Mutineer sites in Kathmandu and installed with the support of Jordan Vineyard & Winery.

You may have noticed a theme on the Mutineer blog this week. Yup, water relief, and the hit parade continues as we take a look at ProvingIt.org by A Child’s Right (ACR), which tracks every ACR site on the planet in real-time.

For donors, it’s an opportunity to follow their donation from installation through the 10+ year lifespan of the system at the site, putting the emphasis on not only the system installation, but the long-term follow through and support. A plethora of reports are available, from information about the system to updates on any maintenance, water quality tests, hygiene education and more.

For ACR staff, it’s an opportunity to provide complete transparency around their work as well as harness the power of the internet and mobile phones to create an efficient and effective platform for collecting and communicating data from sites around the world with instant results.

Another intriguing aspect of ProvingIt.org is that it tracks the number of children with access to clean water at THIS MOMENT. If a system ceases to exist, the number goes down. If a system is added, the number goes up. It’s truly a living number and a reflection of ACR’s true impact at any given point in time. Taking it step further, ACR distinguishes between children and adult staff served in order to have more accurate data on the demographic that defines ACR: kids.

If you are just being introduced to the incredible work done by ACR, take a few moments to poke around the ProvingIt.org page and you’ll likely be amazed by the diverse and ambitious scope of the work they are currently involved with.

Here are the links to the ProvingIt.org pages for the the five Mutineer sites in Kathmandu:

Padmaday Higher Secondary School

Tiling Tar School

Koteshor School

Ganesh Higher Secondary School

Shaheed Shukral


  1. Lisa Mattson | Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    We are so honored to have been a part of such a special partnership between Mutineer and A Child’s Right to bring clean water to needy children throughout Nepal. Thank you again for your passion and your spirit of giving!

    Lisa Mattson
    Jordan Vineyard & Winery

  2. sachin pariyar | Saturday, June 7, 2014

    where is about shree mangalodaya secondary school

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