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The Cocktail Spirit With Robert Hess: The Bridal Cocktail


This week’s installment of The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess brought to you by the Small Screen Network brings you the Bridal Cocktail. Robert discovered the Bridal Cocktail in the pages of the Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book and if you are familiar with the original Martini, made with sweet rather than dry vermouth, this cocktail is quite similar. Robert adds that the addition of Maraschino liqueur adds a hint of cherry that rounds out a delicious cocktail.

The Bridal Cocktail

  • 2oz gin
  • 1oz sweet vermouth
  • dash Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
  • dash Maraschino Liqueur


  • stir with ice
  • strain into a cocktail glass
  • garnish with an orange twist


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