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2011 Surly Darkness


Surly Darkness 2011 label

On October 22, the 2011 vintage of Surly Darkness will be unleashed. Having featured everything from a vampire to a mummy to the devil since its bottled release in 2007, 2011’s theme will be a zombie. The inscription on the label reads:

Oct 22, 2011 1127 hrs
Journal of Omar Ansari–Day 1460

I can hear them outside again, pounding at the gate. This marauding army of undead can’t be held at back much longer. Their thirst for Darkness is unrelenting, and my fuel and rations will be gone by nightfall. Only the robust flavors of this massive Russian Imperial Stout will appease them. I must give them what they want. I just hope we have enough. No! The gate has been breached. I hope that help soon…

Will you be at Darkness Day? Visit them at SurlyBrewing.com.


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