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Bid to Win Batch 1, Barrel 1, Bottle 1 of Dry Fly Bourbon


Dry Fly Distilling Bourbon

The highly anticipated release of Dry Fly Distilling Bourbon Whiskey has come and gone but for about 2 and a half more hours, you have the opportunity to purchase batch 1, barrel 1, bottle one of the 101 proof Washington bourbon. The bottle, which is being sold to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities Spokane and Casting 4 A Cure is currently at $2,225.

From the auction:

BATCH ONE, BARREL ONE, BOTTLE ONE … benefits Ronald McDonald House Charites Spokane

You are bidding for a guaranteed reservation. Bottle pickup and delivery will be handled through Ronald McDonald House Charities Spokane.

This is batch one, barrel one, bottle one, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Master Distillers and highly collectable. The bottle is in mint unopened condition and is full with original contents intact, with the original label. Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey is made entirely from scratch, with 100 percent Washington ingredients.

Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey is destined to be the cornerstone of the distillery’s product line. Its bourbon distillery is unique in a number of ways. “The ingredients for our bourbon are quite a bit more expensive than what we use for our wheat whisky, vodka and gin,” Kent Fleishman, Master Distiller said. “And we’re aging the bourbon in 53-gallon full kegs. “ A lot of small distilleries take a short cut to profits by using a smaller barrel for aging. They use quarter kegs—about 12-13 gallons. Kent said that with the smaller barrels, less liquid on more surface area results in faster maturation.

The Master Distillers set out to establish strong relationships with their suppliers from the beginning. “We know every one of our farmers,” Kent said. “There aren’t just brokers on the phone selling us wheat or corn. We go meet them personally and they come to visit us at the distillery.”

Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey Master Distillers decided to do it at 101 proof. Typical bourbons are 80 proof. At 101 proof there’s 20 percent more alcohol and you get less out of a barrel and Dry Fly is very selective about what goes in those barrels.

For more information on this auction or to bid, click here. Time is running out!


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