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The Bruery Brings Back Reserve Bottle List


The Bruery

Good news for all the beer lovers out there in the Los Angeles area as The Bruery is bringing back their Reserve Bottle list. On the second Saturday of each month, The Bruery will open up their cellar to the public where people will have the chance to try some of their incredible and rare beers. It’s that easy and there’s no catch, but the bottles are for on-premise consumption only and because of the size and alcohol content of the bottles, they must be shared between two people. For those thinking they can be sneaky and run off with a bottle of Bottleworks XII, bottles will be poured from behind the bar. For the most up-to-date information on what is available, be sure to check out their Reserve Bottle List website.

What might the bottle list look like? Here is the list from July.

  • Papier
  • 100% Brandy Barrel Aged Papier
  • Coton
  • 100% Bourbon Barrel Aged Coton
  • Oude Tart
  • BottleWorks XII
  • Melange #1
  • Pinotlambicus
  • Sour In The Rye
  • White Oak

It’s hard to argue with that list.


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