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Rémy Martin V Celebrates Los Angeles Launch


Rémy Martin V

Speaking of cognac, Rémy Martin celebrated the L.A. launch of its latest spirit, Rémy Martin V, at Drai’s last week – the rooftop restaurant/club crowning the W Hollywood. The event attracted an eclectic crowd that ranged from a few jet-setting members of the Monegasque princely family to Jaleel White, the Urk Man himself.
But make no mistake – V is not cognac. So to avoid confusion, Rémy Martin simply calls it what it is: a distilled grape spirit, or, more specifically, an eaux-de-vie distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes harvested in the Champagne region of France – the company’s first clear spirit. Yes, clear. If that’s confusing, think of it this way: Rémy Martin V is like Rémy Martin cognac, but without the barrel aging. (OK, maybe that’s more confusing.)
So how does it taste? It tastes a little like grappa (an Italian pomace brandy), and is similarly phenolic. But it’s subtler than grappa, thanks to double distillation and a special ice-cold filtration process. Rémy Martin V is intended to be a mixing spirit – something that will appeal to a young, club-going, fruity-mixed-drinks-imbibing sort of crowd. Some might call it a marketing gimmick – like Crystal Pepsi, but more fun. You be the judge.  


  1. Steven Armstrong | Monday, July 25, 2011

    Oh and in case you were wondering, V is pronounced “Vee” — a play on eaux-de-vie. Cheers!

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