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MillerCoors Temporarily Forced out of Minnesota


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MillerCoors and their portfolio of fine beverage products are being temporarily forced out of Minnesota due to paperwork issues.

According to CNN:

“The MillerCoors brewing company will soon be forced to pull 39 brands of beers from every restaurant, bar and liquor store in the state of Minnesota.

It’s all because the company wasn’t able to renew their brand label registration far enough in advance before the state’s government shut down.

What that means is they’re not able to either distribute or sell their product in this state,” said Doug Neville, spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.”

The paperwork issue stems from MillerCoors’ needing to resubmit their paperwork due to an overpayment of fees. In street culture we call those “bribes”. No word on how long #TheGreatMillerCoorsShortageof2011 will last. MillerCoors apparently can’t even leave their product out in distribution; they will have to literally pull 39 brands off of shelves until the government starts back up.


  1. Julie | Monday, July 18, 2011


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