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WIRED Magazine: The Mystery of the Canadian Whiskey Fungus


WIRED magazine

I love it when mainstream magazines publish fine beverage features. Esquire, GQ, and this case, WIRED, put together some of the best fine beverage content on the planet.

“The Mystery of the Canadian Whiskey Fungus” by Adam Rogers appears in the current issue of Wired and can be read in its entirety online. The piece explores a mysterious black fungus connected to Canadian Club whiskey’s barrel aging warehouses and it’s impact on local residents.

From the article:
Standing at a black-stained fence, Doyle explained that the distillery had been trying to solve the mystery for more than a decade. Mycologists at the University of Windsor were stumped. A team from the Scotch Whisky Association’s Research Institute had taken samples and concluded it was just a thick layer of normal environmental fungi: Aspergillus, Exophiala, stuff like that. Ubiquitous and—maybe most important—in no way the distillery’s fault.

Scott shook his head. “David,” he said, “that’s not what it is. It’s something completely different.”

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