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Event Recap: Family Wineries, Tri-Tip & Wine Saturdays


Family Wineries Tri-Tip & Wine Saturdays

Who doesn’t like champagne, sparkling wine?  Incredibly and uniquely complex reds, like an ’08 Noyes Sonoma Coast Pinot?  And who wouldn’t pair that with some succulent tri-tip on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon?  That’s why all the tables were occupied on Saturday June 25th, for Family Wineries’ Tri-Tip & Wine Saturday.  If not the perfect way to spend a Saturday, then, as one guest told me, “It’d be pretty darn tough to get any closer.” And at this cooperative tasting room, with its many bottled characters, no wonder this gentleman vocalized such elevated regard.

Family Wineries Tri-Tip & Wine Saturdays

No excess crowds to deal with, just a tranquil afternoon in Sonoma Valley.  Family Wineries, being known for its impressive variety of wine types, varietals and styles, hosted their Saturday Tri-Tip & Wine Saturday.  The pervading profile of the day’s happening, relaxation.  Most of the tables were occupied by wine club members, locals, tourists the same, just out to have a nice wine-timed midday.  Like visiting a friend’s house, that’s what it felt like, many told me.  The structure has the exterior of a cabin, or vacation home.  So, no surprise the day’s guests were so eased.

Some of the favorite Wine & Tri-Tip pairings, that guests notified me of, were with the 1) Cass Winery 2008 Paso Robles Grenache, 2) Cass Winery 2006 Paso Robles Petite Sirah, 3) Collier Falls 2007 Dry Creek Primitivo [romantically layered, this is a must-sip], 4) SL Cellars 2004 Dry Creek Syrah, and 5) Tres Hermanas 2005 Syrah/Sangiovese Blend from the Central Coast.  Oh, one guest reminded me, the N.V. Grand Cuvee, Extra Dry – Pour La Vie.  “And,” she said, “pretty much any other of the champagnes here.”  Myriad, you might mumble.  True, as Family Wineries is a collective tasting Room, representing numerous approaches, appellations, oeno-aesthetics. “Tastes great with a tri-tip sandwich,” she told me, as I snapped a pic of a meat slab on the BBQ.

Family Wineries Tri-Tip & Wine Saturdays

As the event came to close, the acoustic singer packing up his guitar, gear, most just hung around, not wanting to let go of the pleasant embrace of this distinguished wine world moment in Sonoma’s picturesque valley.  Family Wineries Kenwood is just the spot you’d come to delight in easiness, enjoyment, more than enough wine variety, taste shapes.  That’s just a small pour of the accoladed acclaim sheet that follows this tasting Room.  Keep watch for the other events they have in cue.  All assured, by Family Wineries’ staff, to be equally relaxing, incomparably tasty.  A splendid slice of Sonoma Valley, and County.  Sip, sip …


  1. Lora | Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Sounds like a flavorful and memorable event, a perfect weekend getaway. Thanks for your tips!

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