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Sierra Nevada Opening a Brewery on the East Coast?


Sierra Nevada Logo

OMG! Sierra Nevada might open up a brewery on the East Coast. Old News? Probably. The way that the company undertook the fact-finding mission, or at least the one in the New River Valley of Virginia, is the story that you probably haven’t heard. A source tells me that Ken and Brian Grossman came to Blacksburg, Virginia to meet with professors at Virginia Tech. The duo came in fully armed with fake names and business information. Not sure if they had fake moustaches and noses attached to glasses though. I find this funny because, as a founder of the craft beer revolution, Ken’s got a face that lots of folks recognize. It’s akin to putting a sheet over a rhinocerous and saying it’s a dining table. It might fool some folks, but it won’t fool everyone.

Regardless of the shenanigans that the Grossmans and Sierra Nevada pulled on their site visits, I applaud their efforts. The speculation is that beer is costing them a fortune to ship to the East Coast, so it would be easier and cheaper to just make it here. It’s a green initiative that makes economic sense, and it’s pretty rad that they’ve identified it and are taking steps in that direction. They’re greenifying an already uber-environmentally conscious business. Cheers to Sierra Nevada for stirring up this little mountain town!


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