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Seattle Beer Week : May 19-29


Seattle Beer Week LogoWith American Craft Beer Week in full force, why not celebrate Seattle Beer Week at the same time? Well, that’s exactly what they did. Starting yesterday and going through May 29, Seattle will experience some of the most mind blowing beercentric events the city and most likely the state have ever seen. For eleven straight days, Seattleites across the city will see beer releases, beer dinners, rare beer tastings, sensory evaluation classes, meet the brewer events, blending symposiums, cask, stout, and sour beer fests and everything in between. Pure insanity will ensue.

Sadly I will miss Seattle Beer Week 2011 by just a week, but if I was going, these are the events I would for sure not miss:

HotD Crashes Bottleworks May 22
Alan Sprints, owner, founder and brewmaster of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company will be in the house pouring a very special blend.
This may very well be one of the most limited Hair of the Dog beers ever.

Alan received a very special keg of unblended lambic from the BOCKOR brewery in Belgium. He has blended this sour beer with one of his special creations.

This truely will be one of the most rare Hair of the Dog beers you will ever taste.

Firestone Walker ‘v” Homebrew Chef at Brouwer’s Cafe May 23
A closed door beer dinner with the beers of Firestone Walker.
There will be 8 courses / 12 beers prepared by the renowned “Homebrew Chef” Sean Paxton and Brouwer’s Cafe’s own chef.

New Belgium Blending Symposium at The Stumbling Monk May 25
Beer blending is a sensory art that has been relied on for centuries to ensure palatable beverages. Many of today’s specialty beers originated as test blends, or in fact are, themselves, blends of many different beers. In this class created especially for Seattle Beer Week, New Belgium brewer & master blender Eric Salazar will lead a slideshow & discussion on the genesis of Wild Ales such as La Folie, Le Terroir, & Eric’s Ale “from grain to glass”, with a focus on the blender’s art & techniques. This will be followed by a hands-on blending workshop where guests will be led through the process of experimenting & creating their own blended beer using samples of single-barrel unblended beer from New Belgium’s oak cellar, each dispensed from a bar-top gravity-fed cask. Guests will document their blend ratios & will be able to go home with a growler full of their very own Seattle Beer Week blended beer.

Naked City Pro-Am Night at Naked City Taphouse May 27
All of your favorite Naked City staff members broke out into teams of 2 and tried their hands at brewing with Brewmaster Don Webb. 6 different styles. You choose the best!

And .. basically every other event.

This year’s 2011 Seattle Beer Week commemorative beer is Decompression by Maritime Pacific Brewing Company, an American Strong Ale brewed exclusively with the Falconer Flight hops in memory of Glen Hay Falconer. According to Head Brewery Corey Blodgett, “since receiving the Glen Hay Falconer Scholarship in 2007 with Jacob Leonard of Widmer, I have felt compelled to show my gratitude to the Falconer Foundation because without them and the scholarship I may not be here in Seattle or at Maritime Pacific. So when HopUnion created a hop pellet in honor of Glen using fourteen of his favorite hops, I knew what I had to do. Little did I know that Decompression, an American Strong Ale brewed exclusively with the Falconer Flight hops, would become a beast.

Much like the Seattle beer scene as well as the Pacific Northwest in general, for me the Fhe Foundation embodies family. I created Decompression to convey this same feeling of community. The color is designed to remind you of the sun setting beyond the Olympics to the west. Thanks to the careful addition of Falconer’s Flight hops, you will have no doubt you are in the Pacific Northwest. Decompression’s strength and complementary malt complexity nudges you on the shoulder and says, “It is spring in Seattle.” I think you get the picture.”



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