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Plumbline Studios Takes Mutineer Magazine’s Ads to New Level


Plumbline Studios Mutineer Magazine Ads

Mutineer Magazine’s creative agency, Plumbline Studios, is beyond awesome with the house and subscription ads they create for us. We’ve given Plumbline free-reign to create whatever they like as long as it revolves around beverage and they have knocked it out of the park with multiple award winning advertisements created exclusively for Mutineer by way of original illustrations to custom tattoo art to photography. Their work is insane and we are so humbled to have them on this epic fine beverage journey with us and having just seen the ad for our July/August issue of Mutineer, it is just as mind blowing as the rest. Best of all, the folks at Plumbline are just as passionate about beverage as we are, which is evident in their work for us and Robert, Design Director for Plumbline, goes on to say “I love beer. What would you do for someone you love if they said, “whatever you want to do this weekend, is fine with me.”? With no restraints and a proverbial empty bar seat available, that’s what working on this campaign for Mutineer has felt like. Did I mention I love beer?”

If you nerd it up on Twitter, they are definitely #FollowFriday worthy from us at @PlumblineStudio or find them on Facebook.

Mutineer Subscription Ad #8 Mutineer Subscription Ad #7 Mutineer Subscription Ad #3

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  1. Julie | Friday, May 27, 2011

    I love the ads that Plumbline does for Mutineer! They are EPIC!!

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