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American Craft Beer Week is Here – May 16-22


Yesterday marked the beginning of American Craft Beer Week 2011 put on by the Brewers Association, the national non-profit organization that represents the interests of small and independent craft brewers in America. May 16-22 will be an exciting week for America’s small and independent craft brewers and consumers alike as beer drinkers across the United States can look forward to events and festivals put on by their favorite breweries, and that’s cool for sure, but did you know that Colbert Nation has pumped this thing up on the past? Oh yes, this is the real deal, so real, in fact, that the House of Representatives has pumped it up with House Resolution 1297, recognizing ACBW as being the real deal.

Basically what House Resolution 1297 means is that the members of House like to enjoy some damn fine beer. The resolution praises beer all throughout and is written in almost a Gonzo style, saying stuff like, “Whereas American craft brewers promote the Nation’s spirit of independence through a renaissance in hand-crafted beers like those first brought to colonial shores by Europeans settlers and produced here by the Nation’s founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for the enjoyment of the citizenry.”

You know what else the citizenry is into? Mutineer Magazine. That’s right. I said it. Now figure out what’s happening in your area with American Craft Beer Week and drink some good beer, subscribe to Mutineer Magazine, and watch your karma go through the roof.


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