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Second Glass’ Wine Riot Rocks Los Angeles


Cypher Wines at Wine Riot

On Friday, March 25, Second Glass’ Wine Riot lit up the Santa Monica scene with over 250 different wines from all over the world. From the contact high I got off at least one of the guests, Wine Riot wasn’t the only thing lighting up that weekend…

The Boston-based wine education, promotion and events company set up shop at Santa Monica Place Mall, hosting sessions Friday night and throughout the day and evening on Saturday. They poured wines from at least eight different countries, including German Riesling, Italian Prosecco, Spanish Rioja and Rosado, French wines from Loire and Languedoc, Argentinian Malbec and even selections from Portugal, South Africa and Romania. California was represented, as well, with a variety of Cabernets, Zinfandels, Pinots and Chardonnays from up and down the west coast.

Wine Riot offered free downloads of their own app to help revelers remember what they drank. To educate enthusiasts on what was going into their glass, the event hired a roving “Wine Intelligence Unit” (like Apple’s Genius Bar – just drunker), to answer questions. They hosted classes: 30-minute, informal “Crash Course” wine education seminars. And there was a DJ and tattoo and photo booths for people who were less interested in putting the learning into higher education.

App Results

Top wines as chosen by Wine Rioters on the Wine Riot app.

Second Glass Wine Riot continues their 5-city tour in Boston from April 22-23, before heading off to Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C, recruiting the nation’s thirsty youth to join the party.

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