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King Estate Winery and Oregon Farms Need Your Support


After King Estate Winery was attacked by Goal One Coalition for the approval to operate their full-service restaurant and host special events, King Estate decided it was time to find a permanent solution to allow their restaurant and winery to co-exist. With this came the creation of House Bill 3280 and Senate Bill 829, sponsored by local representatives, Representative Paul Holvey and Senator Floyd Prozanski. Here is a letter from Mr. Ed King, founder of King Estate Winery that we would like to share with you about House Bill 3280 and Senate Bill 829. At the end, if you agree with Mr. King there is a link to a petition that you can sign to show your support.

Dear Friends,

My family’s winery has been involved in a lengthy and ongoing appeals process to maintain the special use permit that allows us to operate the restaurant on our property. With so much uncertainty, we have decided to seek a permanent solution for our winery and other landmark wineries through House Bill
3280 and Senate Bill 829, sponsored by our local representatives, Representative Paul Holvey and Senator Floyd Prozanski.

Our restaurant features organic produce grown right here on the property and also showcases the agricultural products of other local farms grown with great care right here in our community. We try our best to source as much of our meats and produce as close to our property as possible and we have developed wonderful relationships with many farms and ranches here in Lane County and around Oregon. For many of these small farms and ranches we are their largest customer and provide them with a venue to promote their products here in their own backyard.

First-class wine deserves to be paired with first-class food. I’ve always believed this and I’ve found it true the world over. Our winery is special, but its business model is similar to the other major wineries around the world. Internationally and throughout California and Washington, wineries are paired with high-end rural restaurants.

Oregon is in a global competition for wine tourism and we have a real opportunity to rise to the top. We compete for global tourists with Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Tuscany. We know that our wine, Oregon’s breathtaking countryside and our local foods offer an experience that few can match. We believe our winery and restaurant, are a platform and showcase for Oregon agriculture.

I am asking for your support for House Bill 3280 & Senate Bill 829 which will allow my winery and restaurant to co-exist. Please sign this petition and add your name to a list of supporters of HB 3280 and SB 829. We are not only fighting for the restaurant, but for the local farmers who supply our food and the jobs of our restaurant employees.

Thank you for your support.
Ed King

To show your support of King Estate Winery, House Bill 3280 and Senate Bill 829, and to local farmers in Lane County, Oregon, please sign this petition.


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