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Event – Absinthe Revealed 2: L’Heure Verte


A Celebration of Tastings and Truths

Absinthe by Damian Hevia

Modern science triumphed over historic propaganda vindicating fine pre-ban absinthe of its alleged evils, leading to the U.S. ban being lifted Dec. 2007. This Celebration seeks to dispel the myths surrounding this misunderstood spirit; expose the public to the smoothness and variety of tastes artisanal absinthes offer; and illustrate proper ways to drink them.

As with their successful debut event, a full house is expected at this 2nd-of-its-kind happening for Houston. Celebration will fill the air throughout AvantGarden, with live jazz and absinthe conversations. Light hors d’oeuvres and free absinthe tastings traditionale–including a new release, will broaden your taste adventure. In addition to sangrias, fruit infusions, wines and beers, there will be special cocktails for sale that offer a different twist on absinthe. To fill out the evening’s visual experience, a showing of Damian Hevia’s compelling absinthe images will be featured for sale, as well as reproduction reproduction absinthe posters.

In the midst of the evening’s glow, you can make your way to a courtyard vantage point for the presentations that will quench your curiosities. Terms like artemisia absinthium, Dr. Ordinaire, louche, dose, thujone, Legendré, Sazerac, and L’Heure Verte will be explained by Herbsaint historian and collector, Jay Hendrickson and renowned absinthe historian and Master Distiller of Lucid Absinthe, Ted Breaux with Viridian Spirits.

Springing from absinthe folklore, enchanting fairies will float through the crowd as the music and entertainment continues into the wee hours. We urge you to be a part of the sights in your elegant attire—be inspired by steampunk and the Belle Epoch. For an entertaining way to introduce yourself to absinthe, or expand on what you know—we hope you will join us for this lovely evening.

Saturday April 9, 2011. 7:30pm – Closing.
Presentations: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
AvantGarden 411 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas

For tickets, visit here.


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