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Bill 10 Passes Through House in Georgia, One Step Closer to Sunday Alcohol Sales


As we reported back in February with “Could Georgia See Sunday Alcohol Sales” …. well, the answer is YES! Bill 10 just passed through the House with a vote of 127-44 after passing through the Senate last month where it had failed to hold up for the last 5 years. All that is left is for Governor Nathan Deal to sign it into law and he has already indicated that he would sign it if it passed. The bill has faced intense opposition in the past from not only religious groups, but from teetotaler and former governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue who threatened to use his veto power against it. The current governor, Governor Deal has stated that while he doesn’t drink, he believes in democracy and that it should be up to the people to decide if they want alcohol available in their communities on Sundays.

Bill 10 in itself doesn’t make off-premise Sunday alcohol sales legal, rather it leaves it up to local Georgia communities to decide whether they should be allowed. Also important noting, alcohol is currently sold in restaurants and bars on Sundays … meaning that if people want to go out and drink and possibly overindulge (which we at Mutineer do not encourage or condone), they aren’t allowed to do so in the safety and privacy of their home unless they purchase it the day before. To me, that is very important. Religious groups and even politicians who oppose Bill 10 claim that it will “encourage and promote greater alcohol availability” according to Representative Randy Nix which, in my opinion, isn’t true. If you’re an alcoholic and have lived in Georgia all of your life, I think it’s safe to assume you know there are 6 other days of the week where they can buy all the alcohol they want or they can go to their local sports bar on Sunday and get plastered.

Of course, with religious groups such as the Georgia Christian Coalition losing their cause, they have planned to find the referendum on a local level.

To Georgians everywhere, welcome to the 21st century and congratulations on being treated like adults.

“We are out of the dark ages” said Representative Joe Heckstall and we agree.


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