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Jennifer Aniston Releases “Sex Tape” to Sell Smart Water

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Jennifer Aniston wants you to drink lots of Smart Water, and she’s willing to exploit every web video cliché in order to accomplish her mission. To establish a sense of familiarity, she introduces herself as “Jen Aniston”, saying “Hi. I’m Jen Aniston, and I’m here to talk to you about Smart Water.”

ZOMG!!! She’s gonna talk about WATER! Let’s do this!

She continues, “But in this day and age apparently I can’t just do that. Can I?”

Yes! Yes you can! Do it! Do it! DO IT!!!!!!

“I can’t just tell you that Smart Water is the smartest, best tasting water that’s out there. I have to make a video, apparently, that turns into a virus.”

Yup, no geeky water throw-down. Just a chuckle friendly video about viral-cliches on the net. Enjoy.


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