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Atlanta Residents Getting Charged Thousands For Their Monthly Water Bills

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Water CNN has released a report following up on four months of research into complaints from Atlanta residents about high water bills.

According to CNN:
Residents throughout Atlanta are outraged by hundreds, even thousands of dollars in monthly spikes in their water bills, and have questioned the legitimacy of the charges for years. Now, they’re demanding answers.
“I thought we were sinking in a hole of water,” said Debbi Scarborough. “It scared me to death. I thought we had a major leak when I got the bill.”
Over two months last summer, her family’s monthly water bill, shot up to $1,805 In July and then $1,084 in August, leaving a balance due of more than $3,000. She said in the past her bill has averaged $200 to $250.

Wait, they’ve been questioning the legitimacy of these charges for years? Awkward. It gets better, with CNN saying, “The city installed a device on [Debbi Scarborough’s] meter to track daily usage.” So a meter to meter the meter. Isn’t a meter fundamentally a device to track daily usage? That, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be the problem. A new, futuristic metering system was installed five years back with hopes of automating the metering process. Fast forward to fail city and a lot of pissed off Atlanta residents.


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