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Night Café = Japanese Canned Coffee-esque Beverage with Whiskey.


Kirin Night Cafe - Caffe Lattee Liquor

A Japanese coffee-esque beverage with whiskey? Didn’t Mutineer Jeff invent that years ago? I guess it’s finally ready for the mainstream in Japan. Details are sketchy at best, most coming from a blog with a serious Japan fetish, which claims:

Kirin has launched a new limited edition drink that has the look of a canned coffee drink but the kick of good ol’ alcohol. On sale only at Tokyo area convenience stores from Wednesday January 19th, the “Yoru Cafe” (Night Café) comes in two flavors: “caffe latte liquor” and “tea liquor”. Kirin is likely trying to imitate the success Suntory has had with their Horoyoi brand, a series of chuhai beverages aimed at younger drinkers who shy away from the typical salaryman activity of gulping beer at home. Since younger consumers prefer to hang out in a coffee shop or café as much as a traditional izakaya, Kirin will hope to capture some of that atmosphere through this new concept.

Yoru Cafe

A quick look at the product’s website tells me absolutely nothing, as I don’t speak Japanese, and this website is really, really Japanese, but I like the enthusiasm. I look forward to trying when Jeff undoubtably gets these fine folks on board as an energy-driven Mutineer deadline sponsor alongside Red Bull.


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  2. Jim at MoIppai | Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Hadn’t heard of this product (I’m living in Japan), so will have to seek it out give it a go. Not too keen on the sound of Tea Liquor mind.


  3. Brian Kropf | Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Ya who knows how it is .. but if you find it and try it, let us know what you think!

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