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Could Georgia See Sunday Alcohol Sales?


There are a lot of laws regulating alcohol. A lot. With that, most of them aim to have the safety and well-being of the people first and foremost. However, others are nothing but archaic and outdated laws that are somehow still held in place by special interest groups that will spark protest and cry “won’t somebody please think of the children!” at the first mention of people wanting to join the 21st century. This brings us to Georgia, one of three states that forbids the sale of off-premise alcohol on Sundays. Having quickly passed through committee with a 5-1 vote, Bill 10 which lets communities decide rather than the state is now headed to the senate where it will be voted on and hopefully passed into law.

The irony, to me, is that consumers can still drink at on-site locations such as bars, restaurants and stadiums. So one can’t purchase a six pack of beer on Sunday and head home just in time to catch their Atlanta Falcons lay the smack down in the safety of their own home, but one can go to a bar and drink all day watching the game and hopefully be sober enough to drive home at the end? That’s not to say that everyone who enjoys a beer at a bar on Sunday in Georgia is getting drunk, but if there was to be a concern with the safety of the public with alcohol related incidents on Sundays, it would seem less likely with those drinking in the privacy of their own home. Seems a bit backwards to me. Or is it more than just that? Jerry Luquire, President of the Georgia Christian Coalition said “Sunday is a special day, whether it’s because of religion or tradition or habit, we just want to keep it this way as much as we can.”

I’ve visited Georgia a few times as a very good friend of mine is from there and thankfully this law didn’t affect me as I planned ahead and purchased more than I could possibly drink in one night on a Saturday evening, but for those that don’t plan ahead, they’re stuck without a drink.


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  2. TechnoLust | Monday, February 7, 2011

    I live in Virginia Highlands neighborhood of ATL, where many of the best bars are at. I make sure to have a full liquor cabinet and fridge full of beer on Saturday in case I want to drink at home. When I do forget, thankfully I’m walking distance to most of the bars so I’m not forced to drive to get my drink on. I used to attend church but they told me I couldn’t drink and go to church so told me I had to pick. I kinda miss church sometimes. ;)

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