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World’s Oldest Grape Press Discovered


Grape Stomp

Apparently Armenia is known for having old things. Last summer archeologists found the world’s oldest leather shoe in Armenia and just recently, archeologists uncover what they believe to be the world’s oldest grape press and in the same region as the shoe. Believed to be dated at 4,000 BC, the site is about 900 years older than the previous record holder, that of King Scorpion I’s tomb in Egypt.

The site was found in a cave where researchers found a wine press and fermentation jars along with grape seeds, the remnants of pressed grapes, and dried grape vines. The press itself is a shallow basin, measuring three feet across, that drained into a deep vat where the pressed grape juice would collect after the grapes were most likely pressed by foot. The seeds found are from Vitis vinifera vinifera, a common grape still used today and cultivated on every continent except Antarctica and the discovery of the wine press suggests that the Eurasian grape had already been domesticated 6,000 years ago.


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