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Pinot Noir… Cheap… Same Sentence


Underwood Cellars Pinot Noir 2008

That’s right! For the longest time we all thought it was impossible to have affordable Pinot Noir, but it seems there are just a few people out there looking to defy the very laws of physics. I remember, less than a year ago, meeting an Oregon Pinot producer and having a quick chat about how I was looking for inexpensive Pinot Noir; ones under $15. She quickly responded to me “Yeah, but would you actually want to drink them?”

I think this statement pretty well demonstrats the mindset of a lot of Pinot Noir producers everywhere, that they’re doing something so difficult that it’s impossible to producer an affordable bottle of Pinot Noir that’s drinkable. I’m not trying to say it’s easy to make Pinot, but why should it be be that you can find $5-$15 bottlings of virtually every grape in the world but not Pinot Noir; is it in fact the most special grape in the world?

Pinot is special indeed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable, and I’ve recently discovered a line-up of wines from Union Wine Company of Oregon that are out to prove it.

Kings Ridge Oregon Pinot Noir 2008
In 2009, Union Wine Co. hired on Greg Bauer, who had previously worked for A to Z, Rex Hill, and Torri Mor. He’s heading up the three different labels Union Produces: Alchemist, Kings Ridge, and Underwood. Alchemist Pinot Noir is about $25, Kings Ridge is $16, and the Underwood, listen up, is $9.99! I recently tried the Underwood and was very impressed, especially given the price. Is it Grand Cru Burgundy? Is it Sea Smoke? Is it Domaine Serene? No… but common, for $9.99 I think it’s well worth a short and certainly has me wanting to try the rest of the line-up.


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