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Ice Melts, Whisky Rocks


Whisky Stones

For those that like an unadulterated dram, there are whisky stones made by Teroforma. I have never personally used these, but they are a very cool concept and I would definitely like to try them. Andrew Hellman, owner of Teroforma, doesn’t take credit for designing a stone cube, rather he transplanted an age-old concept from Scandinavia, where they have been making and using whisky stones for years. He took this idea and decided to produce them in the US, using locally sourced soapstone and local craftsmanship, all to get that perfectly chilled dram without watering down the precious liquor.

Directions couldn’t be easier .. throw three or four whisky stones into the freezer for four hours and then add them into a pour of your favorite spirit and let stand for five minutes to chill. Rinsable, reusable, too easy. One thing to note, these won’t work for higher volume beverages like juice, soda, icea tea, etc. I’m really digging their slogan though, Ice Melts, Whisky Rocks.

To purchase, check out this website.


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