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A Unique Opportunity On The Horizon For The Calaveras Wine Country


Calaveras County

Beverage Publication Mutineer Magazine announces partnership with innovative online wine reservation system, CellarPass, to promote Calaveras wineries.

12.02.2010 – The Mutineers are at it again! Mutineer Magazine Editor in Chief Alan Kropf has been vigorously working to create buzz about Calaveras County since he made Murphys the Mutineer Magazine HQ in late September of this year. Mutineer Magazine has not only launched a marketing campaign with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau which includes several wineries, restaurants, lodging properties, and outdoor recreation venues; but they have just recently entered into an exclusive partnership with CellarPass on behalf of promoting Calaveras wine and tourism.

CellarPass is the wine industry’s leading reservation system for booking wine tours and tastings online. The goal for this strategic partnership is to attract visitors to engage, explore, and experience the hidden gems of the Calaveras wine country. The two companies will work closely with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau to actively promote the region’s tasting rooms and wine events through their respective websites, advertising, and media outlets. Jonathan Elliman, co-founder of CellarPass and Alan Kropf, Editor in Chief of Mutineer Magazine, see this as a major opportunity to bring thousands of consumers to the region over the next 6-9 months. “We want CellarPass to cover Calaveras County so visitors can search for tasting events and plan itineraries right online- without having to make a phone call ”, says Elliman. “Just as we’ve done for other popular wine regions in the United States, we see Calaveras County getting the attention and foot traffic they deserve when the service is launched on January 1st.”

“All of us at Mutineer Magazine are excited to be working with CellarPass and Calaveras County in our efforts to introduce the region’s world class wine scene to our millennial readers.” explains Kropf. “CellarPass will make it easier than ever to plan a day of wine tasting and other adventures in one of California’s most beautiful and delicious regions.” Through this exclusive partnership, CellarPass will promote Calaveras tasting rooms and events as well as highlighting local eateries, recreation, and other tourism opportunities in the county to a nationwide audience. On the other hand, consumers will be able to access information, select itineraries, and make reservations through an easy to use online system. CellarPass already represents winery clients in more states than any other reservation system which includes coverage of California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut and Virginia.

“We’re thrilled to have CellarPass include our amazing and adventurous wine region and our wineries are very excited about what this opportunity will bring to them. What’s great for our wineries is great for Calaveras County as a whole”, explains Calaveras Visitors Bureau Executive Director, Lisa Mayo. “To be able to effectively promote our wineries’ events to CellarPass’s large consumer base is very exciting”, continues Mayo. Any Calaveras wineries who would like to participate should contact the Calaveras Visitors Bureau at 209-736-0049.

Look for more information about this exciting venture on the CellarPass website and the Calaveras Visitor Bureau website.

Welcome to Calaveras County CellarPass


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