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Jose Cuervo to MLB Commissioner: Reschedule Game 3



As everyone knows, a sporting season is coming to an end with one culminating battle left to crown a champion once and for all. That sport is the CuervoGames National Finals in Las Vegas held this Saturday. In its inaugural season, the CuervoGames is a seven-month long nationwide tour that has been described as a cross between Wipeout and American Gladiators as it pits teams of four against each other as they battle in four different challenges that are all tied to the tequila making process.

Jose Cuervo is confident the CuervoGames will be awesome. So awesome, in fact, that Jose Cuervo has made a public appeal to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to reschedule Game 3 of the World Series in order to save the MLB and the World Series from embarrassment as everyone tunes in to watch the CuervoGames. “Sports fans everywhere will be overcome with the anticipation of who will be crowned CuervoGames Champions, taking all the attention away from Game 3. It would be a travesty for Major League Baseball to endure any backlash as a result of our success” said a spokesperson for Jose Cuervo. They went on to say “we’ve all seen how overlapping sports seasons and events can become cannibalizing. Since we’re the newcomers this season and the obvious front runners in this situation, we want to be proactive, because if the MLB makes their viewers choose, I assure you the result will not be in their favor.”

As always, Jose Cuervo hopes their consumers will make responsible choice while drinking their products and they also hope the MLB will make the responsible choice and move Game 3 …. for their own benefit.

Well, there you have it .. who can argue with that logic? Giants who? I’ll be watching the CuervoGames!

For more information on the CuervoGames, check out their Facebook.


  1. Matt | Friday, October 29, 2010

    …and their true motive for sending such a ridiculous request is fulfilled by your publication of the letter.

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