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Absolut Launches “Glimmer”


Absolut Glimmer

The savvy people in the marketing department at Absolut are at it again, this time with the release of Absolut Glimmer. This limited edition packaging follows in the footsteps of Absolut Bling Bling, Absolut Disco, Absolut Rock Edition, and In An Absolut World Every Night is a Masquerade, but Absolut Glimmer is a breed of its own. For the first time, the bottle itself was altered rather than just the design on the bottle or how it was packaged. The concept was to make the bottle mimic the look of classically cut crystal and when placed in various light conditions, the bottle will appear differently as it reacts to the light.

Starting on the 1st and running throughout the end of October, 5 million bottles of Absolut Glimmer will be released in a worldwide campaign, to include duty free markets. A special signature cocktail has been created for Absolut Glimmer, taking a pure and minimalist approach to showcase the vodka. That cocktail, Absolut Crystal Clear, is simply Absolut Vodka and sparkling water poured over ice.


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