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Wine Wednesday Blogger Buzz: September 1st


Wine Wednesday

Each week, wine lovers all over the Internet unite to celebrate “Wine Wednesday.” The concept is more viral than an official, sanctioned event. And it is definitely most prevalent on Twitter. The roots of the official #winewednesday hashtag trace back to the Twitter handle @TweSommelier, and has been going strong for at least a year now. Every #winewednesday, hundreds (if not thousands) of people virtually drink together, exchanging tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Some people and wineries even go as far as to organize official tastings.

As a way to contribute and support this fine beverage Internet craze, Mutineer Magazine will be spotlighting some of our favorite wine blog posts from the past week on, you guessed it, Wine Wednesday.

Here are the latest wine blog posts that caught our attention this past week:

Seeking to Define Natural Wine (Palate Press)
“But unlike ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic,’ which have official definitions—and growing markets—there is no universally accepted definition of “natural” wine. That makes it one of the easiest terms to co-opt, because at some level, even the most manipulated supermarket wine could be called a ‘natural’ product.”
Wine Labeling 101: Using More Than Just A Cute Animal And A Commitment To Excellence (Cork’d)
“Madison Avenue has reached beyond New York City, extending well into the reaches of wine country. In the last decade or so, the wine label has become one of the most influential factors in consumer wine shopping. In fact, for some people, it’s the number one determining factor, aside from price point.”
Thinking Pink: A Rosé Exposé (Cellar Mistress)
“Today’s lesson is to teach you that there is more to ‘pink wine’ than the obvious. Case in point–I have recently learned that there are Rosé wines made from nearly every red grape varietal. “
Brotherhood, America’s Oldest Winery ~ Washingtonville, New York (Vino Verve)
“Brotherhood was the first winery to install a telegraph, and in fact the first telegraph transmission in the United States took place between New York City and Brotherhood Winery. They were also the first winery to install steam generators, and used them to power, among other things, the first elevator used in an American winery.”
Liquid Agnostics: We Don’t Need No Stinking Wine Snobs! (Catavino)
“A few simple facts that I think every wine writer, drinker, legislator, wine maker, or educator should consider: Wine is a beverage first. Simple definition of a beverage is a substance that we swallow and does not need to be chewed; and most of the time, it comes in the form of a free flowing liquid. In the case of wine, it is flavored due to the environment it is made in, the winemaker’s skills or the cultural traditions it is born from.”
Food and Wine Pairing: You Can Do It, Too! (Vinotology)
“Well, the great thing about food and wine pairing is this. You can largely do whatever you want! Eat what you like. Drink what you like. That’s what I say. If I want to drink a dry Washington Riesling with my bowl of turkey and black bean chili, that’s what I’m going to do. However, there are a few basic rules out there that can help you prevent your palate from experiencing complete mayhem.”

In vino veritas…


  1. Natalie Morgan | Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    This is my favorite day of the week! Tonight is kinda chilly and the weather is ominous (Hurricane Earl, eck!). Red wine for me tonight! Thinking it’s a Malbec kind of night.

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