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Washington Wine for Washingtonians


Washington State Wine Pass

All through September and October, the Washington State Wine Commission has organized “World-Class Wine in Your Own Backyard” promotion, their first ever, targeting Washingtonians.  The promotion features over 70 Washington restaurants, more than 50 winery tasting rooms and 9 retail stores offering up sweet deals on WA Wines such at 50% off bottles of wines.

To score these deals, you simply log on to WashingtonWine.Org and download your free pass. There, you can also view a list of participating establishments as well as what sort of offerings they’ll be tempting you with. The best part? You can also view the page on your smart phone and download the pass virtually, so you’ll always have it with you.

You can follow the Washington State Wine Commission on Twitter at WineCommission.


  1. Erin | Monday, September 13, 2010

    Makes me wish I was back in Washington.

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