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Pool Vodka: Get In. Get Wet.


Pool Vodka

A snazzy label, a fancy website, a trendy tag-line, and a founder just barely legal enough to drink — it’s easy to see why some of the more pretentious spirits enthusiasts would raise an eyebrow to Pool Vodka, the new triple distilled premium vodka infused with a blend of 100% natural fruit.

But Pool Vodka is looking do to more than just create a splash, they want to make waves.

“I really want the consumer to know that this is not just some fad brand looking to catch fire and then disappear. I personally went through about 80 different flavor samples until I found the one that I thought was not only different, but still versatile to make cocktails with.” — Bryan O’ Reilly, President and CEO of BevKo, LLC.

Pool VodkaPresident and CEO, Bryan O’Reilly started working on Pool Vodka when he was 23 years old. After 2 years of hard work, O’Reilly has finally brought the brand to market. It isn’t every day you hear about a 25 year-old launching his own vodka brand onto the market, but this graduate of the University of Hartford has done just that. Millennial fine beverage revolutionaries FTW!

For those of us beverage geeks dying to know which flavors were selected for this unique blend, we are out of luck. Only the priveldged few behind the brand hold the secret to its recipe: “The reason Pool’s flavor is not on the packaging is because everyone that tastes it gets something different out of it. Letting customers draw their own conclusions as to what flavor it is, is part of the fun. And thats what I want this product to be associated with, Fun!”

Are there more crazy flavors on the horizon for Pool Vodka? Well, according to O’Reilly: “The plans for other flavors are not in the works, but we absolutely want to complement the brand with a straight vodka release in the future.”

Pool Vodka
The contents of the bottle isn’t the only unique thing these kids have going on. The logo is an ambigram, which means it can be read inversely (aka it reads the same upside down as it does upright). Note that the upper portion of the P and lower portion of the L are centered in the middle of three incomplete circles, which creates a water ripple and gives the illusion that the letters are hitting the water to create the ripple effect. Pretty rad, huh?

Pool Vodka can be enjoyed on its on over rocks or in a variety of fun cocktails such as: CosmoPOOLitan, Pee in the Pool Martini, Skinny Dip, the Cannon Ball shot and more. But, as with all alcoholic beverages, all water-side imbibers are encouraged to “Swim Responsibility. Never Drink and Dive.”

Pool is independently owned and distributed in the New York metro area by BevKo, LLC. Follow Pool Vodka on Twitter at @poolvodka.


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