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Mutineer Blog Contributor Spotlight: Michael Madigan


Michael Madigan

You probably have noticed by now that we have a lot of new faces regularly posting on the Mutineer blog. We recently recruited [read: brainwashed] some young, fresh and talented fine beverage revolutionaries to “Join The Mutiny.” And instead of letting these wild kids hide behind their tiny avatars, we decided to put them in the spotlight.

A native of Sonoma County, Michael Madigan is a vinophile with a love for words. Or is it a logophile with a love for wine? Anyways… When he is not reporting on his California wine country adventures for the Mutineer blog, Mike’s musings can be found on his website: Mike’s Log, Not a Blog.


Mutineer: When did you “Join The Mutiny”?
Michael: Iʼm electrified to say that I joined the Mutiny just this month, August 2010. Itʼs definitely an honor, and I think it will help me become a stronger writer/journalist, and give me more of an investigative impetus for the wine world.

When you are not contributing to the Mutineer blog, what occupies your time?
Honestly, my entire life revolves around writing, wine, and writing about wine. My family and friends are all in the industry. I guess the only other thing this writer does is teach English at the college level, which is an immeasurably enriching journey. And, I love movies and music. Music especially (Thievery Corporation, Mos Def, The Ramones…)

What was the last thing you drank?
The last thing I drank was actually an amazing double IPA from Moylans, the “Moylander.”

What is your go-to fine beverage of choice?
My go-to fine beverage would have to be wine, more specifically a masterfully balanced Cabernet. Iʼve only recently become a Cab kid, but find myself leaning on the reliable varietal more and more…

Where do you call home?
My home, Sonoma Valley, Iʼm proud to say. Big shout out to all the Soʼ Valley wineries…St. Francis, KAZ, Enkidu!!!

What is your favorite local watering hole?
My favorite watering hole is actually a restaurant and bar, Montiʼs, located in Montgomery village here in Santa Rosa. Great selection, amazing food, lovely decor. Perfect place for a number of occasions.

What is your favorite food and beverage pairing?
Favorite pairing? Easy, but a bit expected: Cab and a peppercorn steak, or spicy artisan pizza.

You can only drink 3 fine beverages for the rest of your life, go:
A Napa Cab, A Dry Creek Zin, and an in-your-face IPA!!!

In your own words, why should everyone reading this “Join The Mutiny”?
To be part of something different, and experience a different, I believe more Human, approach to fine beverages. What a relief, no pretentiousness, a fun advocation of the industryʼs delights!!! And, there is more knowledge and passion in the pages than I have ever seen in any beverage publication. Yes, that includes…not going to say the name, but you winos know who Iʼm targeting.

Follow Michael on Twitter at @Madigan529.


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