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Hops + Chocolate + Ninjas = FTW



Mission: To provide unusual and tasty, hop infused candies for candy lovers and beer drinkers alike.

Not gonna lie. I love beer. And I love chocolate. But combining the two passions? Sounds down right insane, if you ask me. But then, I like to think that insanity and genius are bedfellows and, well, as insane as this concept may seem, it is also brilliant.

Let me introduce to to Phillip Green, the Founder and Owner Hop Candy Inc., and the man just crazy (or it it genius?) enough to put hops in chocolate.

Mutineer: When did you start Hop Candy Inc?
Mr. Green: I developed the idea in the fall of 2009 and made the first batch over the holiday. I officially incorporated in June of this year

What was your inspiration for starting Hop Candy Inc.?
I have been a chocolate lover since I was young. Some of my most enjoyable memories I have from my childhood, are visiting Hershey Park with my family and grandparents. I have always been interested in making candy, I learned how from my mom. Once I was legal, I discovered the world of craft beer; not that stuff they typically advertise on television. I had become enamored with companies like Dogfish Head, Stone, Goose Island, Founders, Victory, Troeggs etc. These companies don’t make any sacrifices when it comes to flavor and quality ingredients. I had Dogfish 120 IPA and really fell in love with the hop. It didn’t take long before I started looking for beer or hop flavored candies. To my dismay, none existed. I set off on a journey to create hop infused chocolate. I call it Hopolate.

What are your goals for Hop Candy Inc.?
I would like to expand the brand to include white and dark chocolates, multiple hop verities and even some beer flavored version. I also have plans to create a lollipop. You heard it here first Lolihop, a hardy candy hop shaped and flavored loli. I would like the product to eventually be available on the website and at brewpubs and gourmet candy shop across the country.

Tell me about Nugget Ninja Hopolate:
The term Nugget Ninja, was originally planned for my hopped 6X DIPA. I decided to call it something different and was left with the name and a kewl little hop wielding ninja. When I decided to make the candy, I tried Amarillo and Nugget hops. Then it hit me, I once again had my Nugget Ninja! The candy is tempered several times to make it workable and I use a secret process to infuse the chocolate with the hop flavor. It’s a bit trick, so it’s my secret. If you enjoy IPA’s and or chocolate, I am sure you will be intrigued by my Hopolate!

Rumor has it, you will be at GABF. What can we expect to see (taste)?
I am working with a small facility, so I am concentrating on the one flavor that has been tried by bloggers, brewers and beer lovers alike, all over the country. It will be Amarillo infused dark chocolate. I will have samples and also 4oz boxes containing approximately 8 pieces, for sale.

How can we find you at GABF?
I am in booth 123 at GABF. It is in the center aisle towards the back of the hall. I am near the Brewer’s Studio Pavilion. If you are facing the Brewer’s Studio stage, turn around, we are directly behind you.

You will definitely find me and some other Mutineers hanging around booth 123 at GABF. Until then, make sure to find Hop Candy Inc. on Facebook.


  1. Michael Bergman | Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    FTW indeed. I’ve been waiting for someone to try to combine the two most wonderful things on this little planet.
    I’ll be all over this in Denver next week.

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  4. julie | Thursday, December 18, 2014

    Thanks for sharing awesome post.
    I loved your blog.

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