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Elysian Brewing Brews Up A Frenzy


Mens Room Original Red The Mens Room Original Red brewed by Elysian Brewing of Seattle, Washington was recently released and has been flying off the shelves since its debut on August 25th. The frenzy that has been fueled by this beer has the heads of local retailers and bars spinning as they can’t seem to keep it in stock or on tap.

You might be asking – Mens Room? Seriously? What kind of name is that for a beer? To better put this into perspective, The Mens Room is an afternoon drive-time radio show broadcasting on the local rock station 99.9 KISW. Miles Montgomery, Steve “The Thrill” Hill, Ben the Psycho Muppet, and Thee Ted Smith round out the cast who hold court on the radio daily discussing the odd, disturbing, and comical topics that come about in daily life and they don’t hold back on professing their love for so-called sinful activities like drinking and smoking. Every weekday night at 5pm they hold the “Shot of the Day” toasting someone or something that has either done something wonderful, or horribly embarrassing.

Their love of alcohol and sports drew them to Elysian Fields many times due to its proximity to the sports stadiums in downtown Seattle, which got them talking to the guys at Elysian about a one-off beer. The first iteration of Mens Room Original Ale was a Pilsner, and sold out very quickly. So after regrouping, Elysian felt the Pils wouldn’t stand much of a chance being bottled so they took a beer out of their arsenal, Red Shift, and renamed it “The Mens Room Original Red”.

Starting out distributing to bars and restaurants, the guys on the show took time out every day to name off all the locations that had their brew on tap. Email’s poured in with people wondering how they could get their local watering holes to carry it or where a location was near them. This was just the beginning of the perfect storm in the new chapter for this beer.

A portion of the sales from the Mens Room Original Red are going to the Joint Base Ft. Lewis–McChord and Puget Sound’s Fisher House, an organization that supports the families of injured soldiers. Every bottle and pint sold goes to this very worthy cause, and they have donated well over $11,000 so far.

The release in kegs started a frenzy to find Mens Room Original Red, but when the shoe dropped on August 25th with the release in 22oz bottles, the masses fled to their local stores in search of the brew. I remember attending a Ninkasi tasting that night at Full Throttle Bottles in Seattle and watched as the shelf of Men’s Room went from being full to quickly depleted within minutes as people were snagging multiple bottles to take home.

For the sake of injecting some metrics into this conversation – one retailer, 99 Bottles of Federal Way, Washington blew though 90 cases of Men’s Room in FIVE days, yes – 1,080 bottles, almost 24,000 ounces of beer in five days. Overall Elysian’s distributor blew through 2,269 cases in only five days. That is a lot of brew!

With a solid brew by Elysian and the marketing and following of a hit radio show, they’ve created a frenzy that local beer aficionados have never seen before. Elysian is working hard to get the beer out, but it seems to disappear once it hits the floor. To help meet the initial demand they brewed the first batch of bottles at the New Belgium Brewing facility in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

For more information on the Mens Room – how to listen, and where to find the beer visit kisw.com

For more information on Elysian Brewing and Men’s Room Original Red visit elysianbrewing.com

and for more information on Fisher House VA Puget Sound fisherhousevaps.org


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