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Bacon + Soda: Jones Soda’s Latest Experiment

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Jones Bacon Soda

The kids over at Geekologie always seem to be in the know about new, crazy happenings in the fine beverage industry. Case and point: they recently announce that Jones Soda is planning to release a bacon flavored soda and a pizza flavored soda.

Might sound outlandish, but considering its track record with odd flavors such as “Turkey & Gravy”, “Green Bean Casserole”, and “Tofurky & Gravy”, these flavors really aren’t that extreme. Especially with the recent bacon craze sweeping across just about every industry. Bacon vodka, bacon jelly beans, bacon toothpicks, bacon beers, etc. — you name it, and there is probably a bacon version available.

Now, I won’t deny the claims that bacon makes everything better. However, there are some products where the addition of bacon is questionable. I won’t knock it till I try it, but I must admit I am quite skeptical about bacon soda. Although, saying this might strip me of my “Queen of All Things Bacon” title on Twitter.

Rumor is that the two new Jones Soda flavors will hit the market this November.

Follow Jones Soda on Twitter at @JONESSODACO and find Jones on Facebook.


  1. Erin | Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    I have got to get some of this, it sounds too disgusting for words, but also strangely awesome.

  2. Jeff Alworth | Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Oh man, I’m going to be so happy to see this bacon thing run its course.

  3. Tristan Frodelius | Thursday, September 9, 2010

    It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for years for them to make this. While there are many that are digusted by the exessive use of bacon in nearly every area of the food industry and beverage, I, for one, am positively elated by it. I’m not an obsessed bacon fanatic who goes about, attempting to force others to enjoy bacon as I do; I genuinely enjoy bacon for its flavor. To each his own. Not all bacon advocates are insane.

  4. John F. | Monday, September 27, 2010

    The fate of this marketing experiment hinges on a single question:

    Do the pizza soda ingredients include anchovy extract?

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