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Wine Wednesday Blogger Buzz: August 25th Edition


Wine Wednesday

Each week, wine lovers all over the Internet unite to celebrate “Wine Wednesday.” The concept is more viral than an official, sanctioned event. And it is definitely most prevalent on Twitter. The roots of the official #winewednesday hashtag trace back to the Twitter handle @TweSommelier, and has been going strong for at least a year now. Every #winewednesday, hundreds (if not thousands) of people virtually drink together, exchanging tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Some people and wineries even go as far as to organize official tastings.

As a way to contribute and support this fine beverage Internet craze, Mutineer Magazine will be spotlighting some of our favorite wine blog posts from the past week on, you guessed it, Wine Wednesday.

Here are the latest wine blog posts that caught our attention this past week:

Wine+Food Pairing at the Indy Car Races (Back To Bakas)
“Wine and food pairings can happen every day, but whether or not they’re a good pairing is a different story. Part of my shtick is taking the snootiness out of enjoying wine. What better setting to test that than in the IZOD Indy Car press box at Infineon Raceway, located in Sonoma. ”
We Won’t Participate as Judges in Wine Competitions: Here’s Why (New York Cork Report)
“We did not arrive at this position without much thought and discussion. Ultimately, we believe that transparency and clarity are core values that should permeate the wine world — from the creation of wine, to the marketing of wine, to the writing about wine.”
Not Just For Ballers! Le Wine Buffs Introduce You To The Value Side Of Bordeaux (Cork’d)
“There is a whole world to explore in Bordeaux wine and Enjoy Bordeaux is making that world easier to navigate than ever before. Their regularly scheduled Le Wine Buff series allows you to chat live with a Bordeaux wine expert, while they answer all your Bordeaux questions. From its grapes and climates, to producers and prices, if you’ve got a wine itch, the Le Wine Buff team is here to scratch it.”
Does Drinking Wine Make You Smarter? Another Healthy Benefit From Red Wine (Wine Cellar Insider)
“The researchers say that drinking wine, but not beer and spirits, was positively associated with cognitive function in women, whereas both beer and wine consumption was associated with better cognitive test scores in men.”
Cool Weather, Veraison and Dropping Fruit (Jordan Winery Blog)
“IIf you read some of the wine industry discussions, you probably think this year’s weather has been a big thorn in the side of every winegrower. Hardly.”
Tasting Room Confessions (Palate Press)
“For me, wine is about the experience and, for most of us, there are few places to get a more hands-on experience than in a winery’s tasting room. But tasting room experiences can be hit or miss, with most misses coming either through a poor set-up at the winery or through our own misguided expectations as consumers. Thinking about all the things that can potentially go wrong when visiting a winery, I consulted people from both sides of the bar – wine tasters and those who pour for them – what makes for an ideal experience and what makes for a nightmare.”

In vino veritas…


  1. Ashley Routson | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Why does this always happen to me? Wine Wednesday rolls around, and I don’t seem to have any vino around? I might have to open the bottle of Mulderbosh “Faithful Hound” that I’ve been holding on to. (You know you are a Millennial when a $25 bottle of vino is a big deal to open).

  2. Brian | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    There’s some in the cellar! :)

  3. Ashley Routson | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Haha. I wonder who I would get in trouble with more … you for raiding your beer … or Alan for raiding his wine…

  4. Natalie Morgan | Wednesday, August 25, 2010


    Hmmmm what to drink? It’s finally hot again. I think today is a rose day….

  5. the hoparazzi | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Does barleywine count?

  6. Ashley Routson | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Barleywine always counts!

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