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Two Brothers Brewing Company Night at Blind Tiger, NYC


Two Brothers outside Blind Tiger

It’s a weekday night in New York City, and what’s a girl to do?  Well, go to a craft beer bar event, of course! Last Wednesday, July 28th, that’s exactly what *this* girl did.

Blind Tiger, located on Bleeker Street in New York City, held a Two Brother Brewing Company night.  This rare treat included beer from the Chicago based company that is not normally seen here in NYC, even though Two Brothers is cleared to be sold here.  Almost all of Blind Tiger’s 28 taps were taken over by the Brother’s brew, including:

  • The Bitter End: Pale Ale
  • Domaine DuPage: Amber Ale
  • Ebel’s Weisse: Hefeweizen
  • Cane & Ebel: Red Rye Beer
  • Resistance Foudre IPA: IPA aged in Foudre (French Oak) Barrels
  • Long Haul Foudre Session Ale: Ale aged in Foudre Barrels
  • Heavy Handed IPA ’09 (Gravity & Draught): IPA
  • Oak Aged Domaine DuPage: Oak Aged Amber Ale
  • Oh Brother!: Belgian Tripel*
  • Northwind: Imperial Stout
  • Bare Tree Weisse Wine ’09: Wheat Wine
  • Bare Tree Port Barrel Aged Weisse Wine ’09: Port Barrel Aged Wheat Wine
  • Red Eye ’09: Imperial Baltic Coffee Porter made with a Randall*
  • Imperial Cane & Ebel: Imperial Red Rye Ale
  • Moaten: Belgian
  • Hop Juice: Imperial IPA

*These were the two brews that I had full glasses of for the night, and they were exquisite!

Blind Tiger inside Jim and Jason Ebel are the brewers behind Two Brothers. Upon having a brief discussion with Jim, the brothers’ passion for craft beer was more than evident. In the first year of their brewery, Jim and Jason only sold a total of 186 barrels- not even close to enough to get a squeak of interest from distribution.

But did that deter the brewers? Nah- they did what any insanely passionate brewer does when they’re stuck without distributers- they started their own distribution company. That tactic worked, and as Jim and Jason made a name for themselves at local craft beer festivals, other smaller startup breweries started to inquire with the brothers about getting distribution through them as well.

That is, until they fell victim to the Three Tier system. Having worked that through in order to keep their brewery alive, the brothers are now thriving, determined to use organic, fair trade, and local ingredients when they can. Although Jim was unable to tell me what they had utilized in the Randall for the Red Eye Porter (it was brewed in 2008, give the man a break!), he informed me that they used custom roasted espresso from Arbor Vitae Cafe and Coffee Roasters.

Something else that sets these brewers apart is their experimentation with Foudre barrels. The brothers wanted a more authentic taste to their brews- a taste that came from the time before stainless steel brewing systems.  They went online and found some foudre oak barrels on sale in California, and the rest is history. Their foudre ales are sensational hits and a must try.

All in all, Jim and Jason Ebel are two brothers who are passionate about brewing craft beer, and it shows in their work.  Look for their beer to be showcased in the near future at Jimmy’s No. 43, Gingerman, and available during New York City Beer Week.


  1. Ashley V Routson | Friday, August 6, 2010

    1. I love Blind Tiger! I had an awesome time there with BrewYokers Chris, Genevieve, and Clare back in the spring of this year. Ironically, they had all West Coast beers on tap (me being from the West Coast in an East Coast bar). Looking forward to visiting again soon.

    2. I love Two Brothers Brewing Co. Only just discovered them last summer, during a trip to Milwaukee for beer week and the Great Lakes Brew Fest. Love love LOVE Cane & Ebel. Oh and their wet hop IPA, when available, is freaking OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    Thanks for sharing this recap with us, Stevie! Cheers!

  2. Erin | Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Lord this is making me thirsty.

    I am new to the world of barrels, I’ve never heard of foudre before. Is it a type of wood? I think I need to do a little investigating.

  3. Rick Gideon | Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Sounds like an awesome time! Glad to see that they stuck through all the adversity they faced to become successful in their passion.

  4. Brian | Monday, August 9, 2010

    I soooo need to get up that way and check out some bars!

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