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The Dalmore 18: The Expression Filled With Expression


Dalmore 18

In 1263, a member of the Mackenzie family stopped a rampant stag from slaying Alexander the 3rd. The King rewarded Clan Mackenzie by allowing him to where a stag’s head in his coat of arms. The noble stag became the official brand symbol for The Dalmore after its acquirement by the MacKenzie family in 1886.

Since 1839, the Mackenzie family has consistently made spirits from the highest quality peat and rich water from the land they come from and, to this day, continues to do so with The Dalmore Scotch brand. The Dalmore “clan” has outdone itself with its newest creation, The Dalmore 18, which was officially released into the US market at the beginning of this month. This is the first time in the company’s history that it has released an 18 year old version of the spirit.

“We have introduced this new release based on consumer and trade demand – we are confident that this will become a significant and much sought after core expression for many years to come. This smooth, harmonious yet complex malt is another shining example of our craft.” — David Robertson, The Dalmore Head of Brand.

First matured in American white oak and then moved to Matusalem sherry butts, The Dalmore 18 has been described as having notes full of chocolate on top of orange, citrusy fruits, rhubarb, toffee, vanilla, Columbian Coffee, rosemary, and lavender. Rich with complexity and subtlety, The Dalmore 18 is quickly becoming more popular than its 15 year old predecessor.

It is true that the price tag of the 18 will come at 150 dollars here in the US (higher than a few of its peers), but The Dalmore whisky has always been about bringing forth a fantastic product that the stag could stand proud to be in front of and guard. This new expression will come with the highest of merit to any who would partake.


  1. Brian | Thursday, August 19, 2010

    I want this.

  2. Ashley Routson | Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Love me some scotch. I would love to try this.

  3. william bennett | Thursday, August 19, 2010

    I wonder how this scotch compares to Maccallan (which is my fav). 150 is a bit steep for this dude, tho…

  4. kristyn | Friday, August 20, 2010

    i would so drink this and savor every last lil drop.
    maybe even share it…maybe ^.^

  5. Ashley Routson | Friday, August 20, 2010

    share it with me?

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